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Excellent Rainy La Niña Weather Conditions Forecast For Water Tank Owners

Posted by Rod Judge on


The Australian Bureau of Meteorology has declared a La Niña weather pattern to occur from now until the end of Summer 2021, delivering much needed increased rainfall to many parts of Australia, including Sydney, The Hunter, Mid North Coast and Woolongong areas, as well as parts of Western NSW.

What does the La Niña weather pattern mean?

La Niña weather patterns usually affect Australia in the following ways:

  • Higher than average rainfall across most of Australia
  • Cooler temperatures during the day
  • Warmer temperatures at night
  • A noticeable shift in extreme temperatures
  • Reduced risk of frost during the colder months of Winter
  • More snowfall during Winter months
  • More tropical cyclones can be expected
  • Areas that experience monsoon will see the season arrive earlier than usual

How do meteorologists predict La Niña weather patterns?

Meteorologists can predict La Niña weather patterns by monitoring the relationship between ocean temperatures, atmospheric pressure and trade winds that form across the equator. La Niña is not formed over night, and can vary in intensity with each formation. La Niña can take months to build up and form, before being officially declared.

You may be familiar with the opposite of the La Niña weather patterns El Niño, which creates dryer than usual weather conditions across Australia that can last years.

What does this mean for water tank owners?

Water tank owners can expect to receive a higher than usual amount of rainfall, and presents an excellent opportunity to fill up water tanks for drinking and use around the home or business.

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Reference: http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/updates/articles/a020.shtml