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Rainbank Pumps

All homes require water to run efficiently and many homes across Australia rely on the use of rainwater. To ensure that you are utilising your water supplies efficiently a rainbank pump can ensure that you have a consistent flow of water. A rainbank pump allows you to utilise the water in your rainwater tank with an automatic diverter; when your rainwater tank runs dry then the water source will automatically switch to use the mains water. Once water is available again your rainbank pump will then switch your home's water supply back to the rainwater tank water. Using a rainbank pump in your home is a great way to save on your water bill each year, taking advantage of natural resources. Although you would not necessarily substitute all water sources, such as drinking water, it can still be very useful for other utilities such as washing machines, outdoor taps and toilets. NSW requires that homes follow the Basix requirements to ensure that water consumption is regulated.