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Slimline Rainwater Tanks

Slimline Rainwater Tanks in Sydney, NSW

Slimline poly rainwater tanks are perfect for smaller homes or areas in Sydney or any parts of NSW that still require additional rainwater storage as part of the water system. Most rainwater tanks are outside of the home and often in small, tight areas as so not to take up too much space. Slimline rainwater tanks are ideal for space saving as they are as the name suggests, slimline. Although slimline water tanks by design are smaller, they are still available in volumes that are sufficient and practical for providing an additional water source for the home. At WaterNeeds we have a collection of high quality slimline rainwater tanks in various shapes depending on your requirements as well as colours to ensure they are aesthetically pleasing for your home. If you are unsure which slimline rainwater tank is suitable for your home then please feel free to contact us today and we will be more than happy to discuss this with you and find you the right solution. We can arrange delivery of all of our slimline rainwater tanks¹ directly to your home, contact us for shipping information. 

Slimline water tanks are also known as thin water tanks. Have a look at our super slim range of thin water tanks and enquire today.


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Cost of rain water tanks

slimline-tall-3000l-21824.1466741043.1280.1280.jpgOur poly rainwater tanks cost range from only $760 to $1565 in price, starting from a small slimline water tank with 1000L capacity without pump or extras (also available), to large 5000L models featuring the slim line design. The main factors influencing cost is the size or volume, construction material and strength of the tank.

When researching the cost of the water tank, also consider the possible need for a water pump or other water tank fittings. Your rainwater harvesting area, or roof, will also need suitable piping and guttering.

What is the biggest slimline water tank?

The largest capacity slimline water tank we currently stock is the 5000L. Slimline tanks tanks are designed for properties where space is a challenge, or height is an issue with lowline slim water tanks offering a lowline space efficient option for areas with little headroom or face height restrictions.

The low profile and slim characteristics of these tanks mean less water capacity, however the amount of water these designs can store will surprise you, and will definitely be suitable for urban areas. Slim line tanks can also be know as thin water tanks, tight spot tanks, or ultra slim rainwater tanks.

What size rain water tank do I need?

Our slim tank options for water tanks are designed to fit snugly next to new homes, units, existing homes, villas or on a patio, or next to a caravan or mobile home.

Highly space efficient designs come in these sizes

Slimline tanks come in the following sizes

  • 1000L

  • 1250L

  • 1500L

  • 2000L

  • 3000L

  • 4000L

  • 5000L

Council BASIX regulations can also influence the size of the tank required, it is advised to check with your Local Government Area Council for up-to-date advice.

To learn more about the actual size you will need to service your home or property, you’ll need to consider your roof or catchment area, how many people live in the dwelling, the demands on usage, such as garden, swimming pool, drinking water, showers, washing, toilet flushing and more.

Is it safe to drink water from a rainwater tank?

Our polyethylene tanks are 100% safe to store potable water and come with a manufacturer warranty and come with Product Certification. Household water supply from our rainwater tanks is safe and clean for use as drinking water, inside and outside the home and garden.

All water tanks our water tanks must and do comply with Australian ISO Standard: AS/NZS4020:2002 standard and poly water tanks have their own individual standard: AS/NZS4766:2006 which stipulates the design and manufacture of poly water tanks.

You can be sure your WaterNeeds water tank is safe to store potable water for your Household water supply.

Best Range of Slimline Water Tanks

Our huge range of the best slimline rainwater tanks is conveniently available to view and purchase online, or please feel free to contact our friendly team if you have any water tank questions, or would like some guidance in choosing the right water tank for your home or property.

We also have deals available on a complete range of water tank accessories and rainwater harvesting, get in touch today to discuss your specific needs.

Learn about choosing the right water tank for your home or property

Best Slimline Rainwater Tanks

Slimline Water Tank Code Capacity Weight Price
ES 1000 Litre 70 Kgs $715
BR 1500 Litre 55 Kgs
RPS 1500 Litre 80 Kgs $790
M 1250 Litre 80 Kgs $749
BR 2000 Litre 70 Kgs $860
ETS 2000 Litre 75 Kgs $865
M 3000 Litre 120 Kgs $899
ET  3000 Litre 110 Kgs $965
M 4000 Litre 130 Kgs $1,295
ES 4000 Litre 150 Kgs $1,315
M 5000 Litre 140 Kgs $1,545
ES 5000 Litre 150 Kgs $1,565


Benefits of Slimline Rainwater Tanks

For homeowners, it has been seen that slimline tanks have become a popular option. This is due to the reason that it makes it possible for water cost savings that helps in reducing mains water usage. This also helps a lot to reduce local flooding as well. So, you can find lots of advantages when you try to search for the best slimline water tanks. It also helps in keeping gardens green in the perfect manner as well. It would lead to feeling quite glad for the perfect decision that you have made in the right way. You should also be quite serious when it comes to purchasing slimline tanks. The quality of the rainwater tank should never be compromised at all. This would help a lot to get the best advantages where it would lead to your fulfillment. If you happen to make any wrong choice, it would never make you find yourself tense-free at all. This is because you would have to bear all the expenses when it comes to its maintenance that would make you cut your pocket short as well. Therefore, you can find that it has led to fulfilling your own expectation level out of it.

Why to Choose Slimline Water Tank?

You might be confused as to whether it would be the best thing for you to get slimline water tanks installed in your house. Well, this can really be the ultimate choice where you can expect 100% satisfaction out of it. Some of the reasons why you can make your ultimate choice to install water tanks are as below:


  • Slimline Water Tanks are Space-saving:

    It would be possible for you to save a lot of space because of the compact nature of the water tanks. Even if you have less space on your property, then it can be also fitted along the outside wall. So, it can prove to be quite useful in saving your space in a perfect manner. 

  • Compliance:

    You can find different size when it comes to choosing the best slimline water tanks for you. It also complies with the water sustainability requirements by the local government. Thus, you can always expect the best quality services that would help a lot to meet your exact requirement without having to worry at all. You can even try to choose from the different colors of your choice. 

  • Slimline tanks need Low maintenance:

    When it comes to installing the ultimate slimline tanks Sydney, you never have to worry at all when it comes to its maintenance. This is because you can always enjoy the best benefits out of it where you never have to get disappointed for any reasons at all. But, you need to make sure of purchasing the best quality one in the right way. 

  • Appearance of Slimline Rainwater Tanks:

    You would be able to find that there are unique looks when it comes to the appearance of the slimline tanks. For homeowners, they can either opt for a space divider or a design feature as well. It also provides with a more contemporary feel in the best manner.


Things to Consider when Buying Slimline Rainwater Tanks

When you plan to buy a slimline water tank, you should be able to concentrate on some important points. Simply purchasing a water tank is not enough as you need to be quite specific in taking some good steps for it. Let us have a look at it:

  • Make your best choice for the right size:

    When you try to make your ultimate choice to get the perfect slimline rainwater tanks in Sydney then it is very important to concentrate on its sizes. Well, you need to look at the number of family members that you are staying together. It is to be noted that for single detached houses, 5,000 litres is the minimum capacity whereas 3,000 litres are for non-detached houses. So, you have to make your perfect decision seriously according to your requirement. But in order to enjoy the maximum good advantages, you should try to look forward to a larger one. You also need to make sure of choosing the right colors of your choice that would help to fulfill your expectation level out of it. Also, when you try to buy slimline tanks Sydney, it is important to ensure of looking forward to a certified one that would never make you find any sort of problem at all. 

  • Get the best location for its installation:

    It is quite important for you to place your tank in a central location where it would make you enjoy lots of advantages out of it. You also have to make sure of checking the roof area feeding each downpipe. It is equally important for you to install an inline water filter in case you use it for your drinking purpose. Make sure that your water tank has got the best quality pump which should be bought from a reputed manufacturer as well. 

  • Choose from the ground & underground rainwater tanks:

    You need to decide as to whether you would like to opt for ground or underground rainwater tanks. If you have enough space in your house, then choosing the ground slimline rainwater tanks in Sydney can be your ultimate choice. You would be able to maintain it in the best way. In case, you wish to opt for the underground rainwater tanks, it can help you in saving a lot of space as well. The change of weather also does not affect at all thereby making you enjoy the right advantage out of it. But at the same time, it might become a lot of problem in maintaining it in case there is any sort of leakage or such other conditions.

Therefore, making your ultimate decision to find high-quality slimline water tanks can really help a lot to get the best advantages out of it. You should make sure of taking the ultimate decision to find the best one so as to harvest rainwater from the roof in the perfect manner.