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Underground Rainwater Tanks

Underground Water Tanks

Our purpose-built and designed underground water tanks, also known as in ground rainwater tanks, are the perfect choice for an under driveway or under pedestrian traffic or garden application. The benefits of our underground tanks are:

  • special shape that is designed for strength

  • Lightweight poly material

  • Durable and safe for drinking water

  • Space saving design

  • Hidden out of sight

  • Available with a pedestrian rated lid, or a tough driveway rated lid and riser, suitable for use under a driveway

  • Low profile design can save excavation and installation costs

Underground tanks are a great option for small blocks in urban and suburban areas across Sydney and NSW.

Our water tanks are designed using the latest in tank manufacture technology to ensure you can enjoy harvesting and using fresh rain water around your home for years to come.

Why choose an underground tank?

Underground water tanks are also a popular choice for home owners and businesses to embrace more sustainable living. Your investment not only saves you money on water bills, but is a great way to conserve water, catch rainfall runoff and use the water for drinking or other household use, such as garden, washing and showering.

It is easy to take our plentiful supply of clean water for granted, especially during times of greater than average rainfall, however installing even a small household tank can help contribute to making our cities more sustainable and be more conscious of our water use around the home.

There’s also an opportunity to store water for times when rainfall is lower than average when water restrictions are enforced. Tank water can be used freely around the home, keeping in mind making the most of our precious resource and conserving water where possible.

How to Harvest the Rain

Harvesting rainwater involves setting up a system that funnels the water that falls on a roof or any inclined surface into the rainwater tank via guttering, pipes and water filters.

As water is siphoned into the storage tank, we recommend fitting a fist flush water diverter to discard the initial debris that often collects when harvesting rainwater after a period without rain.

The amount of water you can harvest from even a small roof area might surprise you. Use the simple calculation formula below to discover how much water you could be collecting from even a small amount of rainwater.

(Roof length in metres x Roof width in metres) x Millimetres of rain = Litres of water collected

For example a 10m x 10m roof area can collect 1000 litres of rainwater after just 10mm of rainfall.

Sydney’s average annual rainfall is approximately 1200mm making harvesting water across Sydney a lucrative option. Collecting and using this amount of rainwater can make a huge difference to water runoff and your water usage throughout the year in and around yur home or business.

Benefits of Underground Water Tanks

Where space is limited, there are myriad benefits for underground water tank usage, including:

  • Maximising backyard space by eliminating space taken up by your rainwater tank. Water can be easily stored out of the way, under your driveway or garden

  • Aesthetics and presentation: the tank is hidden out of sight

  • Water remains at a cooler temperature underground

  • Algae growth is slowed as a result of a lack of light and the cooler water temperature achievable when water is collected underground.

Underground Rainwater Tanks Benefits

Underground rainwater water tanks are a popular way of storing rainwater to improve the home's overall water consumption. As rainwater tanks can take up large amounts of space depending on the size of the tank that you choose for your home, many choose to store their rainwater in an underground water tank. The underground rainwater tank works in the same way as a standard rainwater tank, in that it is plumbed into the guttering to collect the water as it falls and pump it around to the various water utilities around the home. If you are interested in buying an underground rainwater tank for your home then please contact our team to discuss your requirements and we will be able to find an appropriate underground rainwater tank for you. Learn about the benefits of underground water tanks, Sydney, and across NSW.


Best Underground Rain Water Tank Prices Sydney, NSW

Underground Water Tank Code Capacity Weight Price
Rotoplas 1200 Litre 65 Kgs $1,005
Rotoplas 700 Litre 40 Kgs $699
Rotoplas 250 Litre 25 Kgs $434
Lilo 5000 Litre 240 Kgs $3,220
Lilo 3000 Litre 170 Kgs $2,277
Lilo 1500 Litre 80 Kgs $1,955