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Underground Rainwater Tanks

Underground Rainwater Tanks Benefits

Underground rainwater water tanks are a popular way of storing rainwater to improve the home's overall water consumption. As rainwater tanks can take up large amounts of space depending on the size of the tank that you choose for your home, many choose to store their rainwater in an underground water tank. The underground rainwater tank works in the same way as a standard rainwater tank, in that it is plumbed into the guttering to collect the water as it falls and pump it around to the various water utilities around the home. If you are interested in buying an underground rainwater tank for your home then please contact our team to discuss your requirements and we will be able to find an appropriate underground rainwater tank for you. Learn about the benefits of underground water tanks, Sydney, and across NSW.


Best Underground Rain Water Tanks Sydney, NSW

Underground Water Tank Code Capacity Weight Price
Rotoplas 1200 Litre 65 Kgs $910
Rotoplas 700 Litre 40 Kgs $605
Rotoplas 250 Litre 25 Kgs $355
Lilo 5000 Litre 240 Kgs $3,220
Lilo 3000 Litre 170 Kgs $2,277
Lilo 1500 Litre 80 Kgs $1,955