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​ How To Check Water Tank Level On Your Smart Phone?

Posted by Rod Judge on

Living in a country that is continually at the mercy of flooding rains and extended periods of drought, we're a country that has one of the highest rates of water tank drinking water usage in the world. We’ve recently discovered this ingenious invention designed to monitor your water tank levels with ease on your phone.

This clever idea can be built following the instructions written by the Australian creator ItsGraGra.

How to check the water level in your tank

Checking the water level in any water tank can be tricky, time consuming and sometimes a guess at best.

Trying to gauge exactly how much is in the tank is nearly impossible when using only your vision to decide.

The rationale behind creating this device, was the owner experienced difficulty checking water levels across several tanks with a capacity of 30,000 Litres on their rural property.

When we came across this simple device, we were so impressed we’ve decided to share it with you.

Water Level Device

This simple device made from materials such as sensors, LEDs and wires that can be cheaply purchased from Aliexpress and other retailers in Australia or who readily deliver to Australia.

The software runs of the Popular Raspberry Pi that monitors and feeds information to an App installed on your smart device.

By inserting sensors into the water tank and creating a simple program connected by WiFi, the data is fed back to the Raspberry Pi which then disseminates the data to an attractive and easy to understand interface on your smart phone or tablet.


The step by step guide requires some degree of technical knowledge and experience, and if you’re willing to put in the time. The water level device comes with a full list of instructions to help you build and then enjoy monitoring your water levels on your phone.

As far as water tank accessories go, we think this one is a winner.

For the full instructions, including diagrams and links to purchase all the required components, please visit the original article published on Instructables.

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