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​How to choose a rainwater tank pump

Posted by Rod Judge on

Have you recently purchased, or are you looking to purchase a rainwater tank? Not only will you need to collect and store your water, you’ll need to move your water and have it accessible for indoor and/or outdoor use. To get water flowing to your taps, hose or garden, you’ll need a quality water pump. We’ve answered some commonly asked water pump questions below.

What happens if my rainwater tank runs dry?

If you’re concerned your water tank will run dry, consider purchasing and installing a rain to main water pump such as a Rainbank pump. Rainbank pumps allow automatic switching of rainwater supply to mains water supply, in the event your water tank runs dry. Rainbank pumps feature an automatic diverter that will switch your water source automatically, meaning you can continue to use water in your household or on your property without worrying about water supply. Did you also know NSW regulations require homes follow your local Basix requirements to ensure that water consumption is regulated? Talk to the WaterNeeds experts today to learn more.

Will I need Automatic Switching?

We also recommend you consider an automatic switch for your rainwater tank and pump, such as our Monza Pump Controller that features auto restart for rainbank switching. Automatic switching saves your time, and worry, when it comes to switching between your mains and water tank supply.

What flow rate will I need?

The flow rate you’ll require will depend on your usage. If you’re using your rainwater supply to water your garden, a lower flow rate of roughly 30L per minute flow rate may be suitable. If your water is being stored for domestic use, such as showers, toilets and washing, you’ll need a higher flow rate delivering a minimum of 50L water per minute to ensure your water needs are being met.

WaterNeeds is your local distributor of high quality Monza Pumps. Talk to us today and get the best advice and expertise on choosing a reliable, high quality water pump. You can submit your enquiry online, or give us a call on (02) 8521 6606, we look forward to finding your best water pump and tank solution.


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