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Under Deck Rainwater Tanks

Under Deck Water Tank


Are you considering installing an under deck water tank for your home or property? There are many benefits of locating your rainwater tank underneath your deck, at the front, rear or side of your home. Under deck rainwater tanks, in addition to the environmental and cost saving benefits of above ground rainwater tanks, offer an option where space is limited.

Under deck water tanks collect and store rainwater via your roof and gutter system, and pump it to where it’s needed, the same as a regular slimline, round or squat rainwater tank does, however offers the additional benefits:

  • Maximising yard space by concealing your rainwater tank. Water can be stored out of the way.

  • Aesthetics, the water tank is hidden out of sight

  • Water stays cooler in the shade

  • Algae growth is slowed as a result of the cooler stored water temperature achievable when water is collected under a deck out of the full sun.

An option to consider when installing an underground water tank is the use of a submersible pump, meaning your entire rainwater storage and usage system remains hidden from sight and offers even further space saving options, particularly in urban, residential areas where available land space is limited.

Did you know our under deck rainwater tank systems are low maintenance? They also come with a manufacturer warranty, so you can take the worry out of collecting and utilising your rainwater for years to come.

If you’re interested in buying an under deck water tank and water pump system for your home or property, give us a call today. We are your local WaterNeeds specialists, based in Sydney NSW. We can advise you on the best size, pump and setup options best suited to your water needs.

We offer free Sydney Metro delivery and also deliver across regional NSW. Get in touch today and get your price on a cost-effective rainwater tank system.

Our water tanks are all compliant with Australian Water Tank storage standards*.

Delivery Available

At WaterNeeds. we are rainwater tank specialists and have a large collection of different tanks available depending on the individual requirements of your own home. We offer delivery and specials on pumps and other accessories.

Why Under Deck Rainwater Tanks?

A popular space saving option is the under deck rainwater tank. An under deck rainwater tank works in the same way as any other water tank, however the design and size make it appropriate to be stored under deck which means that it isn't taking any unnecessary space in or around your home. The under deck rainwater tanks are flatter in appearance compared to other versions of water tanks, meaning they can be stored under deck whilst still allowing high volumes of water to be stored. If you are trying to decide on which under deck rainwater tank is best for your home then contact our team today who will be able to let you know what would work for you. 

Best Under Deck Water Tank Price in Sydney, NSW

Underdeck WT Code Capacity Weight Price
M 2000 Litre 85 Kgs $1,080
RP 2000 Litre 95 Kgs $1,089
RP 2000 Litre 80 Kgs $1,089


Our under deck water tanks are suitable for use with a wide variety of fittings and accessories, including:

  • inlet valves
  • Overflow
  • Outlets
  • filters
  • leaf and debris guards
  • Water pump


Our tanks are designed to fit snugly between bearers and posts, so you can maximise your water storage options without the tank being in view.