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Under Deck Rainwater Tanks

At The Warehouse Co. we are rainwater tank specialists and have a large collection of different tanks available depending on the individual requirements of your own home.

Why Under Deck Rainwater Tanks?

A popular space saving option is the under deck rainwater tank. An under deck rainwater tank works in the same way as any other water tank, however the design and size make it appropriate to be stored under deck which means that it isn't taking any unnecessary space in or around your home. The under deck rainwater tanks are flatter in appearance compared to other versions of water tanks, meaning they can be stored under deck whilst still allowing high volumes of water to be stored. If you are trying to decide on which under deck rainwater tank is best for your home then contact our team today who will be able to let you know what would work for you. 

Best Under Deck Rainwater Tanks in Sydney, NSW

Underdeck WT Code Capacity Weight Price
M 2000 Litre 85 Kgs $1,080
RP 2000 Litre 95 Kgs $1,069
RP 2000 Litre 80 Kgs $1,020