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​How to Choose Your Poly Rainwater Tank

Posted by Rod Judge on

When choosing a rainwater tank that’s right for you and your household, read through some important considerations below to assist in making your decision.

Your rainwater tank size selection will need to comply with your local Council Basix (Building Sustainability Index) requirements. Check with your local Council for details.

The next step is to select the best location for your tank installation. This will determine the shape and size rainwater tank you’ll need. You can view a diverse selection of tank shapes, sizes and styles on the Water Needs poly rainwater tank webpage.

Your tank selection may also be influenced by the following considerations.

  1. How many people live in my household?
  2. What is the total area of my roof in square metres?
  3. How much is the average yearly rainfall in my area?
  4. Where will the tank to be located?
  5. What shape tank will fit the available space?

Water Needs offers a variety of poly rainwater tank shapes to suit your household. Slimlineundergroundunder deck, under driveway and space saver rainwater tanks offer excellent water storage options where space is limited. Water Needs also sells round and squat rainwater tanks, allowing you to store and use rainwater in the home for taps, toilets, washing machines, showers and more. Round rainwater tanks can be stored outside or beneath a property, depending on the appearance of the tank or the size.

Water Needs offers free delivery on rainwater tanks across the Sydney Metro region. Water Needs also supplies a diverse range of water pumps and accessories to suit your rainwater tank. Contact us today for expert guidance on selecting the right rainwater tank for you and your household. Phone (02) 8521 6606 today or fill in our contact form and we'll get in touch with you.