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Poly Water Tanks Vs Concrete Water Tanks: A Comparison

Posted by Rod Judge on

Have you been weighing up the type of water tank you’re looking to buy? Read through our comparison guidelines below to help make your decision regarding whether a concrete water tank or a poly water tank is right for you.

Poly Water Tanks (Plastic) Benefits

Poly water tanks are the most cost effective option when choosing a tank that is right for you. Being made from plastic, they’re lightweight, easy to transport and simple to install. If you have a limited space or awkward slim space available for your tank, then the options for a variety of slimline, round, underground and under deck water tanks will offer a solution for you.

Poly tanks are available in a wide range of colours designed to match your home’s colour scheme, or blend in with surroundings.

If you’re living in an area that experiences below freezing temperatures, poly tanks offer more flexibility than concrete tanks and can remain undamaged during freezing or thawing. If you’re not sure about your climate and the best tank to suit your area, contact us for expert advice.

Concrete Water Tanks Benefits

Concrete tanks can be installed above ground or inground and offer superior stability and insulation properties. Concrete tanks keep your water cool, and therefore create an environment where bacteria is less likely to grow. Keeping your water cool is also ideal during the summer months, as you’ll have your own source of cold water for drinking, showering, washing clothes, watering your garden and more.


While both poly and concrete tanks offer underground and above ground options, poly water tanks offer a cheaper alternative, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit your available space. Not every house or property has the available space for a large underground or above ground concrete tank.

Concrete tanks are stronger by design and offer a high level of structural integrity. Their natural cooling properties make them the best choice for cool, quality drinking water.

If you’re ready to decide on your water tank, simply give the water tank experts a call today on (02) 8521 6606 to discuss your water needs. We also offer deals on Monza Water Pumps and tank accessories, when you purchase a water tank from WaterNeeds, plus we offer free Sydney Metro delivery, and delivery across NSW.