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Saving Water Outdoors and Making the Most of Your Tank Water Supply

Posted by Rod Judge on

With a hot and dry Summer season forecast, today we're covering the best ways to save water around the outside of your home and make the most of your rain water tank capacity.

Water conservation is not limited to the confines of our kitchens and bathrooms. It extends to the outdoor areas surrounding our homes as well.

Embracing water-saving practices in your garden and outdoor spaces is crucial.

Here are some valuable tips, referenced from the NSW Government Website¹ to help you reduce water consumption outside your home:

Broom Instead of Hose

Opt for a broom when cleaning your driveway, balcony, or deck patio, as opposed to a hose. This simple switch not only keeps these areas tidy but also saves water.

Watering Can Over Hose

When it comes to watering your garden or plants, choose a watering can over a hose. Surprisingly, a hose can use up to 1,000 litres of water per hour, making a watering can a more efficient option.

Pool Cover Efficiency

If you have a pool, use a pool cover to prevent evaporation. Without a cover, over half of your pool water can disappear. This easy step helps conserve water and maintain your pool's water levels.

Lawn-Friendly Car Wash

When washing your car, park it on the lawn and use a bucket instead of a hose for washing and rinsing. This not only saves water but also benefits your lawn, keeping it healthy and green.

Smart Plant and Lawn Choices

Make informed decisions about the plants and lawns in your outdoor spaces. Opt for slow-growing, water-saving lawn varieties like Couch Grass. Additionally, consider incorporating local native plants that demand less maintenance and watering.

Strategic Watering Times

Time your plant and garden watering for the early morning or late afternoon. This schedule minimises water loss through evaporation, ensuring that your plants receive the maximum benefit from each watering session.


By implementing these water-saving tips outside your home, you not only contribute to environmental conservation but also reduce your water bills. Small changes in outdoor water usage can make a significant impact collectively and help you get the most out of your rain water supply this Summer.