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​Small Water Tanks for Small Spaces

Posted by Rod Judge on

Do you only have a small amount of yard space or room for a rainwater tank? There’s no need to miss out on the benefits of harvesting your own rainwater, if space is your only limitation. There are a range of small water tank storage options available for your home, business, or commercial premises, that are perfectly suited for tight spot tanks.

Our range of small water tank options include

  1. Slimline water tanks and Thin Slimline water tanksSlimline water tanks tanks are an ideal option for space saving, as although they have a slim appearance, they are still available in storage volumes sufficient for providing an additional water source for use around the home.
  2. Space Saver water tanksSpace Saver water tanks are available in a variety of colours and sizes to suit your home colour scheme and available space. Choose from different module sizes, depending on the space that you have available and the amount of water that you require to be stored as either part of the Basix requirements or your water usage requirements.
  3. Under deck water tanksUnder deck water tanks provide a great opportunity for space maximisation if you have a deck or verandah space available to install a hidden water storage tank. These durable poly tanks are designed flatter to fit under a deck. There are three designs available with up to 2000L water storage capacity.
  4. Underground water tanksUnderground water tanks are another great option for preserving precious yard space. The storage tank is designed to be buried under an area of ground and connected to your roof guttering system, to allow for efficient rainwater harvesting, just like an above ground water tank. If you have an area of grass or garden that may be suitable for an underground water tank installation, give us a call on (02) 8521 6606 to discuss your options.

If you would like to discuss your water tank options, give us a call today and speak to the small water tank specialists on (02) 8521 6606 or visit our website to view our range online. We also offer delivery and deals on Monza Pumps and water tank accessories. Get in touch today.