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Why Have A Water Tank?

Posted by Rod Judge on

Why have a rainwater tank? Today we cover some top reasons, including saving your hard earned dollars.

Save Money on Water Bills

The average Australian home could potentially collect up to 100,000L of rainwater each year, depending on roof catchment area, location and tank size.

That’s a significant potential saving on your water bill over the course of a year.

Feel free to use water in your garden, for washing vehicles and more without having to pay extra on your water bill.

BASIX Requirements in NSW

New homes and homes with substantial renovations are mandated under BASIX to install a water tank.

BASIX mandated water tanks require certain capacities depending on your home or business size. You can learn more by enquiring with your local Council for advice specific to your Local Government Area.

There are thin slimline water tanks available to suit even the tightest of spaces, meaning no home can go without a tank.

Reduce Stormwater Runoff

Storm water runoff results in flooding in urban areas, and by installing a water tank, your home can reduce the amount of water that runs down the drain.

Storm water causes a significant amount of damage to homes and businesses every year, you could be helping alleviate the pressure on storm water systems in your area.

Freedom to Use Water How You Choose

Have the freedom to use your rainwater however you choose, even during times of council water restrictions, you can still use your tank water to wash cars or water the lawn and garden.

Use your rainwater to:

  • Water the garden
  • Wash vehicles
  • Hose down pavement
  • Wash house exterior
  • Toilet flushing
  • Clothes washing
  • Much more


Installing a rainwater tank at your home, business or property not only saves you money, but contributes to reducing the damaging effects of stormwater damage.

Learn more about choosing the right water tank for your property by speaking with our knowledgeable sales team today, call 02 8521 6606.