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  • Rain Head - Leaf beater For rain water harvesting System

Leaf Beater Rain Head

1.00 KGS

Product Description


  • 90mm with adjustable rotating vertical, horizontal pipe installation.


  • Advanced debris shredding technology
  • High Flow performance rate.

What is a Rain Head?

Rain Head with Leaf Beater

A Rain Head, also known as a rain sump or Leader Head¹ is a component of a roof gutter and drain system. It is located between the roof gutter and the downpipe and helps water to flow away from the roof. It provides an external overflow point to reduce excess water flowing into the storm water system in the event of a surge of water. A rain head improves the flow of water into the downpipe by creating a break in the system so water can overflow if required.

We highly recommend the use of a rain head with your rainwater harvesting system.

Our leaf beater rain head is easy to install and combines the effectiveness of an overflow system with a screen to prevent debris blocking the system. Leaf Beater rain heads improve the quality of your rainwater by removing large debris before it has a chance to reach your water tank. By keeping the leaves and other debris away from the system, the rain head helps to prevent a clog or block. Removing debris also reduces water tank contaminants and build up. Rain heads are also critical in keeping mosquitoes and other pests out of your Rainwater system.

A rain water head acts as both a filter and security for your rainwater system by preventing unwanted contaminants from entering the tank.


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