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Buyers Guide: Rainwater Tanks

Posted by Rod Judge on

There are myriad options available when it comes to choosing a water tank. The below guide can assist you in determining the best water tank to suit your property and water use needs.


Water tank size is influenced by several factors including how much water capacity you’ll require and how much space is available. Sizes range from a compact 250L underground water tank to the functional and space saving 1000L, 2000L or 5000L slimline size, right up to the 22,700 litre size suitable for a rural setting.


The shape you choose depends on your available space and capacity requirements.


The classic round rainwater tank is an excellent choice for larger capacity tanks where available space is not restricted.


Slimline water tanks are a popular choice for urban and city areas as they maximise water capacity, while offering a slim space saving shape that can be installed up against the side of a house.

Under deck

Under deck tanks are a great option to hide your water tank from view and save precious yard space. The shade will also benefit the water tank in regards to keeping the water cooler.


There are several materials water tanks are commonly constructed from. Choosing the right material for your water tank can be tricky, so we’ve broken down the main materials for you and included their benefits below.


Plastic, or poly rainwater tanks are a functional, cost effective and lightweight option for a water tank. They come in a wide range of colours and sizes to suit your property.

All water tanks in Australia must comply with AS/NZS4020:2002 standard and poly tanks have their own individual standard: AS/NZS4766:2006 which stipulates the design and manufacture of poly water tanks.


Concrete water tanks are the most expensive option, however do provide superior insulation against temperature fluctuations, especially in summer. Concrete tanks are also a great option when installed underground, if available space is limited.


Metal tanks available in Australia are primarily constructed from steel or aluminium. They come in a wide variety of colours, shapes and sizes, however have size limitations in terms of the widths. If you’re looking for an ultra slimline shape, you’ll need to consider a poly tank.

Water usage

Consider whether you’ll be using the water for drinking, bathing, washing, use around the garden or for livestock.

Also consider if you’ve got access to town water and how much water you might need.

All of these factors can also contribute to your choice of tank. Our team can also assist you in discovering the capacity you’ll require.

Selecting the Location

Choosing the best site for your water tank needs to take several factors into consideration. The warm climate in Australia means you’ll want to choose a location in the shade if possible to keep your water cool to assist in minimising the environment for bacteria to thrive.

If a shady space isn’t available, you can consider planting a shade tree in close proximity to the tank that will grow over time and eventually shade the tank. THere are many fast growing shade tree varieties available from your local nursery.

Above Ground or Underground

If you’re living in an urban area with space limitations, consider installing an underground poly tank or under deck tank. You could also look at a high strength concrete tank that can be installed under a driveway.


The location also needs to be accessible to allow for tank maintenance, and consider how you’ll be using the water, where the water needs to be pumped or fed to and the convenience of any outlets.


Our handy colour chart can assist you in choosing the right colour to match your home, property, fence or other surroundings. Withmore than 30 colours to choose from, you’ll be sure to find a colour solution that’s right for you. Check the information on each water tank to see what the available colours are for any particular style


To wrap up, the above information will serve as an excellent starting point in helping you choose your water tank. If you still have questions, give our friendly team a call on (02) 8521 6606 who can help you make the right choice.