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​How much does a rainwater tank cost?

Posted by Rod Judge on

When choosing a rainwater tank to suit your water needs, there are several components that contribute to the total cost.

The cost of the tank itself will often be the largest portion of your investment. Poly rainwater tanks are a cost-effective, water storage option. Poly tanks are durable, high quality, come in a range of styles, shapes, colours and sizes, and all come with a manufacturer warranty, and prices start from an affordable $495.

A high quality water pump will also be part of your investment, and again, there are many options to choose from, depending on your tank size, type, location and purpose. A major consideration would be the flow rate requirement, which varies depending on usage type and demand. WaterNeeds is your local Sydney based distributor of Monza pumps, and can give you the right advice on a pump suitable for your tank setup. All Monza pumps also come with a manufacturer warranty.

Additional costs can include pipes, fittings and taps, and if you want to connect your tank to the mains water supply, a licensed plumber may be required. Your roof and guttering can also play a role in your water tank system needs, and may require adjustments or upgrades. To learn more and for the right advice, contact the experts at WaterNeeds today and take advantage of free delivery for your rainwater tank across the Sydney Metro region, and selected regional areas.